I was so sick of machine quilting always being a  group of exercises that never created  anything that I  decided to gather as many ideas as I could and  create a class of  progressive skill levels. This has  become the ultimate sampler and confidence booster for many a machine Quilter.
“Mocha” machine quilting is an 11 session program
This is a quilt to not only build your skills with the sewing machine but also introduce you to my  *Modular quilting technique. This style of quilting  allows you to work on  small sections of a quilt at a  time then put it together with a minimum of fuss. You will learn many forms of machine quilting including  echo, stipple, free motion, stuffed  and cutaway  trapunto, cording, circular sewing, cross hatching and twin needle work.
This class is held over 11 two hour sessions
There have been over 500 of these quilts completed since its design.